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Welcome to dental clinic DentalBio

Hello there, I’m going to tell you a little bit about our new clinic. It has been a long road to get here, but it is gratifying to be able to carry out this project in which we really can adapt the odontology to the possibilities, needs and desires of our neighbours.


Always and in all cases we use quality materials and carry out preliminary studies to treatments that will make our dentistry predictable and prevent surprises at the end of each case.



The name of our clinic is given by the great concern we have to use biocompatible materials, avoiding nickel, for example in our metals.



We use absolute isolation when it comes to removing amalgam in poor estate or any treatment that requires it.



We consider as well the cement used in our treatments, rejecting the ones that have unhealthy elements in their compositions.


We are fortunate to work with master dental technician Mario Parra, with which I developed a nice friendship and thanks to him, our prosthesis harness the latest technology in materials, offering an aesthetics of a very high quality and beauty.



Among our treatments you can find implantology, with implants of high quality and biocompatibility composed by K4 titanium. We also perform periodontal treatments for you to always conserve healthy gums and in good condition.



As for cosmetic dentistry, in our clinic we can perform teeth whitening as well as, porcelain or composite veneers to brighten, straighten, and otherwise revamp your smile.



We can digitally design your perfect smile and we are succeed in many cases for you to see it in your own mouth before performing treatment, without altering your teeth, thanks to Digital Smile Design.


We perform immediate implant rehabilitations in a material called peek that’s highly resilient, elastic and lightweight to avoid overloading implants freshly laid.



In DentalBio we employ two different types of zirconium in our metal-free prostheses to achieve full biocompatibility and aesthetics with the same color and translucency of your natural teeth. They are used to restore masticatory, aesthetic and biological function of the patient with teeth that appear 100% natural.



As for Endodontic treatment we use a new system called RECIPROC with surprising results, which gives us confidence and complete safety and avoids the need to make so many X ray of the patient as with conventional systems.



We are counting on the invaluable collaboration of dr. Jose Pablo Olcina for orthodontic treatments and pediatric dentistry. Pablo implements all kinds of orthodontics with great skill and optimal results from conventional, through aesthetic and lingual braces up to the invisibles with the Invisaligne method.



We also have the collaboration of Dr. Oscar Mayorga, which is specializes in regenerative medicine and aesthetics.



He performs botox treatments, autologous plasma, thread facelift, etc.



Another treatment we offer is body moulding through hidrolipoclasia with extraordinary results, in some cases avoiding aggressive liposuction.



Before I say goodbye I want to thank you for the time you have spent with us and I hope this blog will serve you both as social tool, as well as an educational one.



Kind regards:

Vicente Alepuz

Medical board number 2101