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In our clinic we have a vision of odontology in which we commit to offer the highest quality in our services and materials. We use only biocompatible products to restore cavities and in the protocol of replacing mercury amalgams we employ absolute isolation. We are able to offer the latest technology in zirconium and ceramic crowns assuring you an insuperable aesthetic and a natural smile.

The implants we use are titanium or zirconium, highly recommended for its physical properties and osseointegration capacity.

In addition, we are a clinical center totally focused on our patients, which we are attending in a familiar ambiance, designing personalized treatments tailored to their needs. We like to get to know each patient, know who he is, and what is occurring to him.




Our treatments are always based on extensive previous studies to solve your problems through dental practices supported by scientific bases. Nothing is left to chance; we obtain predictable results, which we are able to previously show the patient, either by digital means, tests in the mouth, or through study models, so you may know at all times which will be the end result.



Because we are part of the same community, in DentalBio we work thinking about you.

Medical team

Dr. Vicente Alepuz

1994- Doctor of Dentistry, Universidad Iberoamericana.
 1994- Course of Advanced Surgery, Clinic Doctor Nadal, Dominican Republic.
 1994- Course Dental Aesthetic, Center of Specialized Dentistry, Dominican Republic.1995- Degree in Dentistry. Recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, University of Valencia.
 1996- certificate of accreditation to manage X Ray facilities for dental diagnostic. ASIGMA
 1997, Master in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation. NYU, CFSMF.
 2001- Diploma of Specialization in occlusion, dysfunction and oral rehabilitation. University CEU San Pablo and El Instituto de Estudios Superiores IES-CEU. Taught by the Dental Center Doctor Ferrer.
 Medical board number 2101, Alicante


Dr. José Pablo Olcina



– Degree in Dentistry from the University CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia)


– Master of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics taught by the University of Alcalá (Madrid).


– Certificate of Invisalign technique Certificate of the Technique Win in Lingual Orthodontic 


– Diploma of Specialization in basic orthodontics (University of Alcalá, Madrid)


– Diploma of Specialization in Applied orthodontics (University of Alcalá)


– Director of X-ray facilities for the purpose of dental medical diagnosis.


– Member of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics


– Member of Dental Studies Group Alicante


Medical board number 3211, Alicante






  • We are here to help you regain confidence in your smile!

    Laura Turean - administrative

  • Doctor Jose Pablo Olcina

  • We do not have patients, we have neighbours who need our services. 

    Doctor Vicente Alepuz


  • Marina Baixa, nº 5 , Bajo D, Altea 03590, Alicante

    965 842 972

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