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Are there more things than teeth in the world of orthodontics?

Many parents go to dental clinics with their children for an assessment to determine if their daughter or son will need orthodontic treatment. If this is your case you should know that the mouth of a child, growing child, is constantly influenced by multiple factors. If a child has a malocclusion (he does not bite correctly) it can be because of other causes than the classic explanation of “crowded teeth.”

There are cases where the problem is because of the bone, such as a narrow palate, a jaw with poor length or a combination of both and sometimes it’s necessary to treat them, the sooner the better, since early correction of these problems helps proper growth.

Another factor that must be considered in the mouth is the role that the tongue has. A very short frenulum prevents normal lingual mobility and therefore causes both dental, as bone defects. If the tongue does not rest on the palate when mouth closed it causes it to compress generating a cross-bite and a possible respiratory problem; besides the child can not swallow properly, inserting the tongue between the teeth and causing a habit that will end in an open-bite (the incisors do not contact on a vertical level) that can not be corrected with conventional orthodontics or if achieved you get little assurance that the problem does not reappear.

In conclusion, a child who does not bite properly or has a bit of teeth crowding may hold a more basic problem, which if left untreated can difficult the treatment with classical brackets or even seriously compromise a good result. I invite you to take your children from a very small age (the sooner the better) to the dentist every six months, which will create a very healthy habit, resulting in them losing their fear of the dentist so any oral problem will be easier to solve.

Dr. Jose Pablo Olcina

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Care for your teeth at Christmas

Christmas is coming and, as “turrón”, this is the time when we have to take extra care and attention to our teeth. Most cavities and dental problems by excessive sugar consumption and poor oral cleaning occur during Christmas. One in four people do not brush their teeth on vacation. This data, we find most alarming, why do we have the habit of showering and grooming on a daily basis but it costs us greatly to maintain good oral hygiene? Moreover, if we add the increased intake of sugar and other unhealthy foods for our teeth, during the Christmas holidays, we will have as a result a problem of caries, gingivitis and infections.

Experts have noticed an increase in visits to the dentists in the month of January. This certainly may be due to causes such as the need of repairing small accidents in prosthetics, teeth or braces, or the need for a cleaning after all the excesses. It may even be a New Year´s resolution.

Christmas means celebration, family gatherings, meals, friends … in short, is a time of joy and festivities. But it is also a time of excess and changes in daily routine, and this may affect the health of our teeth. At this time we must take special care to maintain healthy teeth.

We can enjoy Christmas as we care, with a few simple tips to avoid mistreating our teeth. Do not forget that our mouth and teeth are essential elements for maintaining good overall health, and good aesthetics:

-The hard “turron”, is better than the soft one because in its composition it has almond, honey, egg whites and a lower percentage of sugar nougat.

– The hardest candy can fracture our teeth, break our fillings or damage orthodontic treatment; we must limit their intake as much as we can.

– The soft and sticky candy, on the other hand, is not beneficial either, because they create problems of gum swelling for people with braces.

– Regarding alcohol, red wine is presented as the least aggressive for our dental health, since white wine and champagne damage the enamel and are aggressive for the cement of the root.

The best food choices for the health of your mouth include cheese, chicken or other meats, nuts and milk. These foods are designed to protect tooth enamel by providing calcium and phosphorous needed to remineralize teeth (a natural process by which minerals are redeposited in the enamel after being eliminated by acids)

Other food choices are crisp, fresh vegetables and fruits (e.g., apples and pears). These foods have high water content, producing a decrease in the effects of sugars they contain and stimulating the flow of saliva (which helps protecting teeth against decay by washing food particles, cushioning acid). Acidic foods such as citrus, tomatoes and lemons should be consumed as part of a larger meal to minimize the content of acid they posses.

The best beverage choices include water (particularly fluoridated water), milk and unsweetened tea. Limit your intake of beverages like soda, lemonade and coffee or tea with added sugar.

Despite everything we eat, the most important thing is to maintain good dental hygiene. DentalBio recommendes to always take with you a toothbrush when you eat outside, so you can keep the usual oral cleaning routine.

Clinica DentalBio´s professionals are committed to prevent dental problems, to advise you on everything you need regarding the consumption of sugar Christmas and proper oral cleaning. If discomfort or abnormal symptoms, do not expect to the end of your vacation, go to your dentist without delay.

Laura Turean

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Periodontal disease

I would like to talk to you about periodontal disease, so wrongly called gum disease because not only can affect these.
As periodontal disease we define those pathologies of the tissues surrounding the teeth like the gums, or alveolar bone where the teeth are inserted. Continue reading


A wonderful energy flows when you help someone

Clinical DentalBio we are always willing to help however we can with our work.

We want to share our contribution to encourage you in these difficult economic period, to give a little of your time if anything, to look out for those who need our help and can not obtain it by any other means.

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Welcome to dental clinic DentalBio

Hello there, I’m going to tell you a little bit about our new clinic. It has been a long road to get here, but it is gratifying to be able to carry out this project in which we really can adapt the odontology to the possibilities, needs and desires of our neighbours.

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